Komo Challenge Series with Father William Treacy & Rabbi Raphael LevineCascadian Center at Camp Brotherhood Ground Breaking Ceremony of the All Faiths Pavilion

Our History

Rabbi Raphael Levine and Father William Treacy met in 1960 and discovered a bond of kinship that crossed the boundaries of religion, culture and ethnicity. During fourteen years co-hosting the award winning KOMO-TV program, Challenge, they positively influenced the entire Puget Sound Region as they addressed the issues of the day from their interfaith perspectives. As a result of their friendship and with the help of friends in the business community, they purchased a dairy farm in Skagit County and in 1966 founded Camp Brotherhood to provide a beautiful setting in which to foster better understanding and harmony between and among religious faiths, families and individuals. This Rabbi and Catholic Priest never intended to eliminate the differences between faith traditions or create a uniformity of religions; “interfaith” for them meant celebrating and honoring differences while building cooperation based on shared values.

Our Vision

Inspired by Rabbi Levine and Father Treacy, we envision a world of peace and harmony where members of the human family recognize in each other similar guiding principles of universal compassion and unconditional love, and act on those principles to bring about peace and

Our Mission

Cascadian Center is an inclusive interfaith organization that offers facilities for educational, spiritual and experiential programs. We foster harmony in the human family by inviting dialogue and reaching out to religious, spiritual and secular groups, communities, youth, families and individuals of all abilities. We promote interaction between racial, ethnic, international and cultural groups, seeking to bring peace and reconciliation by increasing mutual understanding and compassion. We express our commitment to community as we extend superior hospitality in our serene retreat setting not only for Camp-sponsored programs, but also to those qualified non-profits and public agencies who utilize these grounds.

Values at Cascadian Center at Camp Brotherhood

  • Our beliefs in God, expressed in various ways, which can bring us together.
  • The forests, wildlife and peacefulness that surrounds us.
  • Our ability to serve guests of all ages, families and organizations.
  • Ecumenical involvement (intra- and inter-faith).
  • Opportunity to meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds.
  • Caring for and ministering to our guests.
  • Good stewardship of our resources.
  • Volunteers and friends who give of their time, talents and treasures.
  • Our staff and trustees for their service and loyalty.
  • The heritage of our founders and this retreat center, which is an answer to their prayers.

KOMO-TV’s Challenge Series
Cascadian Center at Camp Brotherhood was originally envisioned by Rabbi Raphael Levine and Father William Treacy, who were the principal panelists (along with various Protestant ministers) on KOMO-TV’s Challenge Series (1960-1974). Cascadian Center was established in 1966 with donations from their friends in Seattle’s Rotary Club, and is available to be used only by non-profit charitable, educational and religious groups.

The vision of the priest is for members of the human family to build a retreat and conference center in a setting conducive to creative thought. And, that from different backgrounds and experiences, we would listen to, learn from, encourage and support one another, as together we prepare ourselves and our children to more fully live in the 21st century.

The dream of the rabbi was for all people of the Northwest to live in harmony and helpful cooperation, guiding one another along life’s path as members of the human family. And, having been created by the Living God, we would accept responsibility for our brothers and sisters. Both Rabbi Levine and Father Treacy have written autobiographies. Email us for details on purchasing your own copy.

2012 Board of Directors
John E Hale
Linda Clay
Gherry Bender
Bill Evans
Barry Keating
David Larkin
Mike Lucero
Lynda Robinson
Michael Van Winkle
Father William Treacy
Mayer Baron – Honorary
Jeris JC Miller – Recorder

John A. Beyer
Father Jim (James) L. Dalton
Colleen Fisher
Dilara Hafiz (Hamid)
Ann Hanson
Richard Lawson (Julie)
Jamal Rahman
Jeanie K. Rosen (Bill)
Gov. John D. Spellman
Judge Charles Z. Smith